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    • Aleisyr

      Roleplay Certification Application   09/27/2016

      The Pacific Roleplay Certification Thread
    • Aleisyr

      Apply for Pacific Citizenship here.   10/17/2016

      Click here to access the Citizenship Application form
    • Aleisyr

      Join us on Discord   10/31/2016

      Regional Server - https://discordapp.com/invite/B5PQmcb Intergame Server (With CN and P&W branches) - https://discord.gg/g5x6UZ4 Note: To be masked in any of the two, you must provide your nation name/link when asked.

The Welcoming Hall

The Welcoming Hall


  1. Getting Started in Pacifica

    The great blue ocean of Pacifica welcomes you, comrade. If you have a nation within the region, click here to become a citizen of the Order, and a protector of the Civil Code.

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