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      The Pacific Roleplay Certification Thread
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    14 YEARS OF NPO Comrades! It is happening. In a few hours the NPO will have existed for 14 years in the multiverse of all polsims combined. Especially the NS branch, as birthplace of the New Pacific Order will hence become 14 years of age. It is astonishing that we as Government and Organization lasted this long, longer than most other groups that ever ventured into the folds of polsim games. We all, as Pacificans should take pride from belonging to Pacifica, a realm that defies time itself. This unique accomplishment however, was only made possible by you Pacificans, through your restless contributions to the Pacific, to our specific branches abroad, for our community. Now we can proudly stand together as Comrades of the everlasting August Revolution and cherish the merits of the Order and the principles that guided our path for more than a decade. Due to our 14th year anniversary of August 28 in the year 2017, we shall host a multitude of activities you will be able to partake in in order to properly celebrate the Birthday of the New Pacific Order. In fealty of the Emperor, the Senate and all Comrades of Pacifica I congratulate you Comrades, I congratulate the entirety of the Order and wish you a lot of fun during the New Pacific Order's 14th Anniversary. HAIL PACIFICA!
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    Charter of the Pacific Article I – Regional Government
 Established September 1, 2003, the Pacific Order, also known as the New Pacific Order, Novus Ordo Pacificus, or NPO, is the governing body of The Pacific region within the NationStates realm. It derives its authority and power solely from the World Assembly Delegate nation and is beholden to no outside force, offsite group, or other entity. All laws and governing documents, committees, and statutes are subject to the will of the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation. The World Assembly Delegate nation derives its authority and power solely from the nations of The Pacific and their collective endorsements of its nation. This Charter is granted to the nations and peoples of The Pacific on this authority. Article II – Senate of the Pacific The Senate of the Pacific, established in conjunction with the Pacific Order, and granted authority by the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation, is comprised of the following positions. These positions are appointed based on a meritocratic system with the approval of the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation: Emperor – the title held by the World Assembly Delegate as head of state and head of government for the Pacific. Also styled as Augustus. The Emperor is the final and absolute authority within the region and within the government. The Emperor maintains veto privileges for any and all legal and functional actions. Consul – The title held by the second highest endorsed World Assembly nation in the Pacific. This nation serves as immediate deputy to the Emperor and oversees all internal aspects of the Pacific Order. This nation has ultimate authority outside of the Emperor nation itself. The Consul, in the event of the World Assembly Delegate going inactive, or otherwise being unable to serve in its capacity, will seek to overtake the Delegate nation in overall endorsements and proclaim itself Emperor in times of grave urgency. Praetor – The Title Held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with the governance and operation of the Pacific Army, also known as the Revolutionary Guard. This nation has ultimate authority outside of the Emperor and/or Consul to direct, order, and engage in military operations outside of the Pacific. Quaestor – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the Governor’s Assembly and the Provinces. Tribune – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the High Court of the Pacific. This nation will serve as Judge for all criminal trials. The Tribune will also chair meetings of the Patrician's Assembly and establish methods by which it will operate. Censor – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the Praetorian Guard. This nation will direct the Guard and ensure the timely submission of all charges to the High Court of the Pacific. This nation will serve as chief prosecutor for all criminal trials. Article III – Provinces of the Pacific The Pacific will be separated, as directed by the Pacific Senate, into provinces. This separation will typically be along alphanumeric demarcation for the purposes of expediency. Each Province will be responsible for electing representatives to the Patrician’s Assembly. Further, each Province of the Pacific will have a distinct government apparatus which will be autonomous from the other provinces. Every Province will have a designated set of officers as outlined below to accommodate the needs of bureaucratic governance. Governor – the leader and director of the Province. This position is typically appointed by the Senate but can be achieved via any method deemed appropriate by the Patrician’s Assembly, with Imperial approval. The Governor is responsible for appointing the other officers of the Province. Proconsul – The chief recruiting officer of the Province. This nation is charged with approaching nations within the Province and directing them towards the offsite governmental forums. Aedile – The chief media officer of the Province. This nation is charged with producing Province-specific stories for the Pacific News Network and generating Provincial propaganda. Patrician – Each Province will elect one to three Patricians to serve on the Patrician’s Assembly. These nations can be officers already with roles within the Province. Patrician’s Assembly – This assembly is charged with forming policies and laws that encompass the Provinces, up to and including amending Capital Offenses as outlined in the Civil Code of Uniform Justice and Order in the Pacific. This includes establishing means by which Provincial Governors are selected and the establishment of new Provincial Offices. Any amendments to the Civil Code will be submitted to the Senate for their endorsement prior to approval or veto by the World Assembly Delegate. No law which compromises the security of the Pacific or the authority of the World Assembly Delegate can be passed by the Patrician’s Assembly. Provincial Curiae – Each Province will have a Curia. These assemblies are charged with electing the Patricians. They are composed of every citizen of the provinces within the Pacific. Every citizen nation is automatically a member in good standing within their designated Provincial Curia. Article IV – Citizenship in the Pacific All nations within the region known as the Pacific are granted the privilege of citizenship within the Pacific Order. Citizenship is defined as having a World Assembly nation within the Pacific, endorsing both the Emperor and Consul nations, and a declaration of allegiance to the region. This declaration and any other declarative items will be defined clearly by the Senate and in the primary post of the citizenship application thread on the offsite forum. The Senate reserves the right to grant exceptions to World Assembly membership on a case by case basis and similarly reserves the right to reject any application that is deemed incomplete, untruthful, or otherwise might compromise the security of the region. Article V – The Pacific Army The Pacific will maintain a standing army, deemed the Revolutionary Guard, under the direction of the Praetor. The Praetor will establish a general Code of Conduct for members of the military and will establish a chain of command as needed. The Army will consist of both update active nations and auxiliary nations. Any nation seeking membership in the Revolutionary Guard must be a citizen in good standing. Article VI – Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy All foreign affairs and diplomacy is under the purview of the Pacific Senate. The Pacific Senate will collectively decide on Foreign Policy and designate officers within the Diplomatic Corps as necessary. All treaties and embassies must be approved by the Senate. Article VI – The Praetorian Guard The Praetorian Guard is the internal security force of the Pacific and is responsible for finding those within the region who are in violation of the Civil Code and reporting them to the High Court. The Praetorian Guard is also responsible for notifying violators of the Civil Code of their rights to any representation and will be responsible to differentiate between flagrant, punishable violations and those whose actions indicate they can be rehabilitated and be of service to the Order. Protecting the Regional Message Board from advertising and spam is a responsibility of all members of the Praetorian Guard. The leader of the Praetorian Guard is the Censor, a member of the Pacific Senate. Article VII – The Pacific News Network The Pacific shall maintain a news publication service whose responsibilities will include the education of citizens within the Pacific and other regions on the glory, grandeur, values, and excellence of the Pacific Order and its actions. This requires both factual news reports to enlighten citizens and propaganda to be shared with external regions. An Editor-In-Chief who is appointed by the Pacific Senate will coordinate the publication. The Provincial Aediles will report to the Editor-In-Chief and work with this nation to ensure a quality monthly publication schedule. Article VIII – Amendment to the Charter The Charter of the Pacific is a living document that evolves and grows with the needs of the region. It may be amended or updated at any time by the Emperor or Senate, with approval from the Emperor. The Civil Code for Uniform Justice and Order in The Pacific

 These offenses are punishable by sanctions up to and including a permanent ban from the region, at the sole discretion of the Tribune, or in emergencies by other members of the Senate. Section I - Civil Disobedience

 101: Spreading falsehoods regarding the Pacific or any of its residents, via any communication medium.
 102: Causing the destruction or limiting the functionality of any region’s message boards, chat rooms, or other regional infrastructure inside or outside of the NationStates realm.

 103: Posting of an inappropriate subject on the Regional Message Board or official government forum.

 104: Harassment of a Pacifican either in public, by telegram, or by personal message.

 105: Unauthorized use of another nation's flag or other details as your own. 106: Objectionable nation name, flag, motto, dispatch, or factbook. 107: The posting of foreign recruitment ads on the regional message board.

 Section II - Security Accountability 201: Continued, flagrant refusal to become aligned with the Emperor via World Assembly endorsement.
 202: Providing classified information to unauthorized persons outside the Pacific.
 203: Giving your endorsement to a nation with whom you are not familiar personally. (All nations in the Pacific are familiar with the nations that govern them, and may share endorsements in a very limited way with one another.)

 204: Pushing a resident nation over the endorsement cap. Section III - Treason 301: Seeking many endorsements without permission or breaking the endorsement cap.

 302: Assisting those seeking many endorsements without permission.

 303: Belonging to a subversive organization.

 304: Engaging in counter-revolutionary activities and/or providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Section IV - Crimes against the Public Justice

 401: Perjury or breaking an oath.

 402: Falsifying evidence or attempting to subvert the justice system.

 403: Being the puppet of a banished nation.

 404: File Not Found. 405: Claiming association, affiliation, or representation of the Pacific government in any act without authorization. 406: Use of obsessive profanity on the forums and Regional Message Board and/or bad grammar to the point of complaint.

 The Civil Code of the Pacific is subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Censor, Tribune, and the Emperor.

Section III, Articles 301 and 303 in particular are subject to the rulings and enforcement of the World Assembly Delegate nation and Emperor. The endorsement maximum is subject to revision and adjustment without notice.
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    I'm living in Florida, bracing for Hurricane Irma. I pray to Lord God that my family and I come out in one piece.
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    Perg getting the early jump in Deustchland. August Revolution Pacifica
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    The rain falls. The wind blows. The lights are out. She's here, comrades. Irma's here.
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    This isn't a spam contest.
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    wait wait wait... 14 years..? DAMMIT COMMUNITY,YOU LIED TO ME!!!
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    He's close to the oldest in Cybernations NPO as well
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    Oh how nice, I won the day!
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    (for US and Canada) Happy Labour Day!
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    Hail the Pacific Hail the Emporor
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    HAIL PACIFICA! Here's to 14 more!
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    Zil was here~ HAIL PACIFICA! O7
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    Hail Pacifica!~ <o/
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    Been around here for a couple years. Im damn proud of where I am now! HAIL PACIFICA, HAIL THE EMPEROR, HAIL THE SENATE and of course, HAIL TO OUR COMRADES!
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    If I have permission; I'll revive all three. Flags, seals, banners. But with me alone, it might prove difficult to finish it at lightning speed. So... patience please.
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    I believe it is fair that it is dead in terms of seals and banners, especially seals, but in terms of flags someone usually manages to get around to doing them, at some point.
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    Is this thread alive? If it's dead, maybe I can help revive it?
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    Disclosures: Please Provide Links: Your Pacific Nation: http://www.nationstates.net/nation=oriayn Your Main Nation If Different: n/a Your World Assembly Nation If Different: n/a Any other identities you may go by: n/a Regions and or organizations you have or are involved in if any: n/a Questions: Are you interesting in protecting the Pacific by serving in the Praetorian Guard: Yes Are you interested in serving in the Diplomatic Corps: Yes Would you like to serve in the Pacific Expeditionary Force: Yes Interested in writing for the Pacific News Network: Yes Do you or would you like to Role-Play: Yes Would you like to draft proposals in the World Assembly Drafting Committee: Yes What other interest do you have: I can do a bit of graphics work, but I rarely bust out photoshop nowadays. Oath I, Oriayn, do hereby swear to remain loyal to the Order and Pacifica, to place her needs above all others in NationStates, to uphold the Articles and Civil Code, and to steadfastly perform my duties and responsibilities as a citizen of The Pacific. Furthermore, I swear to hold to the fundamental right to sovereignty which defines The Pacific, and to defend Pacifica against any foes it may encounter. I recognize that citizenship is both a privilege and an obligation, in exchange for which I will receive the protection, and the right to participate, in all that The Pacific has to offer. From this day forward, I ask to be considered to be a citizen of The Pacific, with all the rights, duties, and responsibilities that this title entails.
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    Welcome, Ambassadors. Here's a link to the Diplomat District.
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    Welcome to the Pacific! See this dispatch to find your Province and contact your Governor. http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=479708 Apply to the regional roleplaying map here: https://ns.npowned.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7410-the-pacific-roleplay-map-and-certification/ Regional jobs can be found here: http://ns.npowned.net/forum/index.php?showforum=253
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    "2 years of service" badge pls
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    There's no better way to celebrate NPO's birthday, other than a little "fireworks" #N-Day #Explosion #Fabulous
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    Either a celebration or a consolation party; let the N-Day results decide Anyway, Viva Pacifica! o7
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    Recommended reading to give background for newer people.
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    How time flies. Who's the oldest Pacifican still present? Edit: Got the answer. Most fitting that it's Ale. Huzzah!