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    T R I N I T Y REFORMS TO THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE NEW PACIFIC ORDER Comrades, Pacificans, In fealty to the Emperor, our Delegate and by the graces of the Pacifican Senate, I hereby declare the Trinity Reforms active immediately. Our great Empire has lately reached the astonishing age of 14 years - To honor our continuous legacy, the Senate and the Emperor decided to pass a trilogy of greater reforms to the departments of the New Pacific Order. Those reforms are meant to empower the acting department leaders and re-forge all active departments into self running, self maintaining and self operating power units within the New Pacific Order. The Departments continue to be supervised by the Senate and Emperor but will be granted a significantly larger amount of leeway to operate as they see fit. Honoring our regional Motto, those reforms are to be split in the Reform of Peace, the Reform of Strength and the Reform of Prosperity. All reforms are specifically targeting one specific department of the New Pacific Order. The first reform to be carried out is the Reform of Peace, targeting the Praetorian Guard, the Elite of the Emperor and New Pacific Order - the oldest of all departments, our peacekeepers, our finest, our communal guides next to the Senate. The first great announcement to make is the Promotion of @KKurashima to the Rank of Grand Prefect. As highest Pre-Senatorial Rank among the Praetorians, he will, in absence of an acting Censor, take over all duties and responsibilities of the supreme Leader of the Praetorian Guard and carry out the will of the Emperor bound to the vows and principles of the Guard. @Flanderlion has been promoted to the rank of Prefect. He will lead the Praetorian Guard as the second in Command and take over all required duties and responsibilities during potential absence of the Grand Prefect. I hereby also shall announce the recreation of the Munifex. The Praetorian Guard is now able to invite, accept and recruit members as they see fit - according to classified parameters issued by the Senate of the Order. The Munifex, not considered full Praetorians, are aspirants for becoming a Praetorian and will undergo training by Praetorians until these deem the suitor to be ready to become one of them - or even potentially declare the aspirant insufficient in training and trial and thus deny the aspirant. @oneesann and @Qui Iudicant are the first to join the Ranks of the Munifex. Furthermore, @United Arkadia has retired from the Praetorian Guard to once more take up duties of foremost significance in terms of Foreign Affairs. He has been honored with the duty to serve the Pacific as fully fledged GCR Diplomat to potentially work on improving relations with our brethren abroad in the other GCR. Hail Pacifica! SIGNED THE SENATE OF THE NEW PACIFIC ORDER
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    Project Fantasy An ongoing Senatorial Project to enhance, streamline, and secure Pacifica's RP community as one of the NS World's greatest. Comrades, Pacifica's RP community is one of the most wonderful I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and with RP being an internal affairs department, being the senator to guide RP is one of my greatest honors for our community. Indeed, it is where many of our Comrades come to enjoy projecting their ideal nation, a crackpot dictatorship, or that one nation who hosts a crazy man and political jabs at real life politicians. Indeed, the lore in our current RP era, Version 6, is the richest, most diverse, and most complicated worlds the NS world has seen in off-site forums community projects. It is for that reason, I am proud to announce Project Fantasy - a senatorial project that will make sure that our current RolePlay Community can grow with ease, and that when the day comes to close the inter-dimensional customs down, grab our portal gun, and leave for Version 7 (which hopefully will be in no hurry to be transitioned into) we have a steady guide on what will make joining RolePlay easier for new players who find themselves immersed suddenly in such rich lore, history, and political intrigue (or, for that matter, smutty calendars of world leaders that are enjoyed by many across the RP universe). Though there are larger implications to MT with Project Fantasy than other eras, it will include all versions of RP directly, and I would like to announce how the changes will be done in this missive. General revisions for how the RP community functions will also be taking place, and I'll address those first. This project will appropriate the former Pacifica Armed Forces Assessment Index Scale, or PAFAIS Project, and Religion Project, and the planned Economic Project. It will be no short task, and with the addition of new Comrades, it will even be possibly never-ending. However, as with all things, as it goes it will get easier and take less effort to continue. The RolePlay Community of The Pacific One of the most treasured communities in NationStates, RolePlay is in no short regard here. We will be working to create a 'roleplayer' forum mask, telling who is and is not certified to join the community at the current time. It will take place during the citizen application process, where it will be added in as an "are you interested in joining the RolePlay Community of The Pacific?" (Hereby referred to simply as "RP") and either an Overseer or myself (and future Quaestors for when I no longer hold the position in some long while) will begin questioning them regarding this process if approved for citizenship. Once "roleplay certified" through applications, as we have done before. Speaking of certification through an application, during the process students undergo, they will begin working on their own history, lore, economic strengths and opportunities, and even the position on the map they desire. They may reach out to certified roleplayers for advise, though they may only reach out to certified roleplayers who are granted permission by the Overseer in charge of the applications at that time. The advisors will indefinitely hold this position, unless they desire to retire from advising, or are otherwise removed. While in the process of applying for RP, applicants will not only work on their nation, but also come to understand the rules of our community. From Civil Charter regulations over RP, the rulings of Overseers, and even how to settle OOC disputes to keep our wonderful community going smoothly, as not to create unnecessary warning points, bans, or Overseer/Senatorial interventions. Passing applicants are then masked, with their nation joining the official map and their information collected during the process used to create their own nation page in the aforementioned Pacific RolePlay Wikia held here on site, which I will promptly discuss. All RolePlayers at the time of this announcement are grandfathered into certification, however, should several issues with a roleplayer come up, they can be tasked with taking (or re-taking) the application process to remind them of the rules of RP. The RP Wikia will be a new resource for new and old players alike. Modern Tech, after all, is by far the most expansive and busy of eras in all regenerations of RP. As the one most of our new Comrades jump into, it is also the most confusing one to come into as a new comrade. Who makes guns for our militaries, and who hates who? What are the factions, and are they open application or closed off? Who has the biggest military? The strongest? And what about economies? Cultures? Ethnic diversity? Geography? What about even other areas such as Future Tech and Fantasy Tech? So many questions that are small detail by many means, but together, these small details impact the ideals our characters would have, and how they would view other nations and even their own. So, the 'book-keeping' will have a massive project portion of Project Fantasy, but when these sub-projects find their way to completion, they will ensure all new Comrades to our community can RP with ease, having brisk reads to catch up on what is important, and what they may want to know. This will be divided by a new area of forums eventually, but will initially be found in RP Guides (with a link thread posted and pinned to the general, or MT, section of RP subforums) for ease. The main thread will include links to nations and their information (will be discussed in next paragraph), and a summary of the timeline of RolePlay, including important notes of MT history. New nations may use this to jump into MT having an idea of what has happened in the past (so to say, as 'time bubbles' in RP can blur what is and is not a past event) and how they can join in, and immerse themselves in the history and lore that is Pacifica's RP. There will be threads where nations may cover their history, cultures, military information, and such matters that may be important for RP, based around the time of MT. This is optional to do on your own, but eventually Overseers will try to map out the nations of the world, including an up-to-date map of the world as it goes for the "homepage" thread, and a personalized map where each nation may have their own image of where they are on the map highlighted under their own entry thread. This will allow for members to understand a particular nation's history, culture, religion, (though cultural, religion may not be the dominant factor to a nation's culture after all, as some religions span several nations) education, relations with others, and more. It will also include a list of alliances they can be found in, and nations' relations with said nation and vise versa. It will be set up, eventually, like a wikia with the ability to traverse from topic to topic, spending any free time researching each event as desired. Even Embassies, and links to an embassy application thread may be included, if such a thread is there. All of these changes will help ensure an ease of understanding and administration over RolePlay, which will help keep our community not only beautiful and lore rich, but organized so such beauty and lore can be found much easier. Modern Technology RolePlay [MTRP] The busiest area of RP, MT will receive the largest change. As many of the previously stated plans will directly impact MT, there are already many changes coming to our beloved MT. But, to help organize MT even more, we will have MT-Specific RP changes. Nuclear weapons, for example, will have a world limit and a nation limit. Not every nation may possess, or even apply for, these weapons anymore, and a limit of weapons will be introduced as well. Though a new Cold War may arise if RP takes that direction, having Overseers change the limits of both, there will always be an active limitation to ensure not everybody has a big explodey that can end the world through MAD. Biological weapons will be more lax, but they will also need approval by Overseers. Nations possessing either so far are grandfathered into this listing, however, Overseers may seek revisions to numbers or even possession at all at their majority vote to do so on a nation-by-nation basis. Time bubbles will also be addressed. You remember those threads that In-Character take only two weeks, but end up taking five months in real time to finish up? Yeah, so do I. Time bubbles will be able to continue impacting other events, but the progression of time will help ease this. Threads will start In-Character by their date posted in Coordinated Universal Time, or UCT. From this point, persons joining the RP will date their entries to help keep other players in check on when something occurs, as well as to ensure Overseers can pull information from them for the Wikia entries on important events, should such thread qualify for notable events. Lastly, MT will include a special revision. As per the economic project's plans, players will have their listed goods of export and import eventually fleshed out, and modified as needed. Sure, several nations make firearms let's say, but the size of the market they hold will now be modified to fit. This ensures a fair economic practice is upheld, and as is the case with some resources such as gold and oil, not everybody produces it like a fashion accessory in bulk. Overseers will help work out any issues that come up, including needed changes, modifications, or even just advise on diversification. We've already listed, for example, car manufacturers and to some degree, currency and currency weight, and weapons in RP, so we'll be working on this bit by bit to continue the progression on economics. Past Tech RolePlay [PTRP] Where history is created, changed, and formalized, PT will see few changes. The time-stamping from the MT revisions will occur, only to ensure proper dating for historical information, thus allowing others to understand what is happening, and when. We will also, if needed for events such as World Wars and other PT wars, work on how to calculate population changes and other related information. Though a daunting task on the surface, only immensely immersive threads such as the listed ideas of wars will be needed for this. PT will also be a bend of the META rule. If you have established, say, that you lost World War One, you may continue to do so, but RolePlay out the events that lead to that. This will help establish lore around PT events, and keep people from arguing over "but I want to win". Those of you who have not established such losses, or were late to join the threads before conclusion, may establish your end-game beforehand, or play by ear if you wish. If you decide you want to lose, but the war had ended, you may also open a thread with the appropriate tag. Back to World War One, for example, you would put it simply as "[WW1 - The Battle of X]" or so, easily allowing you to continue with your wish to establish your own PT lore. Future Tech RolePlay [FTRP] The mysteries of the future explored, FT is a wonderful way to come into RP as well, even possibly negating the need for MT information. There are no large plans for FT, and it will remain largely untouched save the wikia idea and other small adjustments that come up as identified by Overseers and RolePlayers alike. Other Misc. Should Fantasy come back from the depths, it will be worked on during revamp, but as it is currently less active, it will remain untouched. However, should it be revived to a large scale, an independent project may come up accompanying the revival of such a magical era. Overseers will also enforce their rules now on Discord. As of late (this past season, be that summer or autumn for you), some arguments and issues arose on Discord. Overseers will now enforce the rules of RP in any channel or chat dedicated to RolePlay. This includes the In-Character Discord, RP Discussion, and other places where RP is discussed. However, for matters regarding to non-RP threads, personal messages, or the such, Praetorians will handle all matters, alerting Overseers to the issue(s) should they feel it important for Overseers to handle with them, or at the least know about. Gray-Area-Istans are any area of the map unclaimed, but known to host a nation and her people. Now, fear no more. Gray-Area-Istan and any other nation names you have known for the unclaimed land are now counted into the world, as they are future nations hopefully. This means no more testing missiles in what could become a capital city when a new comrade joins. No more docking ships in those areas either. Though they 'do not exist' in the RP sense, RolePlayers will now be more mindful that their potential neighbors may be unhappy to learn before they joined, their land was your major corporation's toxic waste dump site. Though these incidents are few and far between, RP-ers will now come to respect the areas as if Comrades are already there, living their lives as normally as any of us do in this crazy world we've created. If you have any questions about Project Fantasy, or would like to help with it, please contact me on Discord as Svezjacael#2068 with a private message. This will be a massive project, so please understand if I do not get back to you immediately, as balancing this project, my own RolePlays, and even real life, can be difficult. Thank you again for making our RolePlay Community the best there is, and have a wonderful day. Hail Pacifica, The Greater Confederate Republic of Svezjacael, Quaestor of The Pacific.
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    You are welcome, Comrades.
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    We used to let ex-govs keep their badge. I will remove the other one now.
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    One badge, please. Pepperoni, extra cheese, no anchovies, and a large coca-cola.
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    Done. Possibly there will be a exclusive and prestigious Z day Veteran Badges in the future, replacing multiple ones - and only accessible to those whom participated in many Z days.
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    Can I have one?!!! I've participated. . .By pressing the wrong button.
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    Not during the event. - Unless it is expected that the regional officers are around 24/7 and pull all-nighters during these sort of events. It takes a lot of time to message every single nation being ejected and tell them the reasoning individually. However once the event is over, there is enough time for explanations. I think the issues are clarified now. I get your point howsoever - That such events are not really "noob friendly" is however not the fault of a regional community, but of the game creators that do not provide sufficient explanation, nor tutorial and leave everything to us. Which is kinda impossible to pull off.
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    Talkin' 'bout badges, I wonder if I can get mine now. Sorry if no, bit forgetful.
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    Welcome to the official Pacific Roleplay Map and Certification Thread! For convenience, the mapping thread and certification thread will from now on be in the same place. In order to be added to the map, please fill in the form below and send it to @WesleyWestland. The section about military numbers is not required if you don't intend on going to war. A few rules regarding the map: Nations need to be citizen on the forum for at least twenty four hours before applying. Only nations that are certain to be actively roleplaying should apply to the map. Inactive nations will be removed. NationStates' in-game nation information is hard to roleplay with, and is considered completely irrelevant to roleplay. As part of your nation application, you will choose from three categories of population density: low, medium, and high. This will determine your initial population. You may only claim land on a continent or landmass that is already inhabited by other nations. You may apply as a secondary nation (a so-called puppet or NPC), but this will only be accepted if you have a valid reason for it. Do NOT post your application on this thread! Send it to @WesleyWestland in a private message instead. The application form: The application for puppet nations
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    Link to your Pacific nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=cataduanes Link to main nation if different than the above: n/a Are you or have been a member of any other regions/organizations: yes, in the past. If so, which? Be thorough: I have been a Nasicournia member in more active times in the past. Any other names you may go by on NS: n/a Are you a member of the WA: Yes and I have endorsed Aleisyr as stipulated.
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    Welcome, comrade.
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    Welcome to the Pacific!
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    Welcome to the New Pacific Order, comrade!
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    Welcome to the New Pacific Order, comrade
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    Welcome comrade! You can Join your Province! Join our massive roleplay Community And more!
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    Welcome to the Pacific!
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    Welcome to the Pacific!
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    The lack of embassies isn’t inexplicable, but is hopefully not permanent. What positions of authority did you hold there?
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    Welcome to the Pacific! See this dispatch to find your Province and contact your Governor. http://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=479708 Apply to the regional roleplaying map here: https://ns.npowned.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7410-the-pacific-roleplay-map-and-certification/ Regional jobs can be found here: http://ns.npowned.net/forum/index.php?showforum=253
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    Charter of the Pacific Article I – Regional Government
 Established September 1, 2003, the Pacific Order, also known as the New Pacific Order, Novus Ordo Pacificus, or NPO, is the governing body of The Pacific region within the NationStates realm. It derives its authority and power solely from the World Assembly Delegate nation and is beholden to no outside force, offsite group, or other entity. All laws and governing documents, committees, and statutes are subject to the will of the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation. The World Assembly Delegate nation derives its authority and power solely from the nations of The Pacific and their collective endorsements of its nation. This Charter is granted to the nations and peoples of The Pacific on this authority. Article II – Senate of the Pacific The Senate of the Pacific, established in conjunction with the Pacific Order, and granted authority by the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation, is comprised of the following positions. These positions are appointed based on a meritocratic system with the approval of the sitting World Assembly Delegate nation: Emperor – the title held by the World Assembly Delegate as head of state and head of government for the Pacific. Also styled as Augustus. The Emperor is the final and absolute authority within the region and within the government. The Emperor maintains veto privileges for any and all legal and functional actions. Consul – The title held by the second highest endorsed World Assembly nation in the Pacific. This nation serves as immediate deputy to the Emperor and oversees all internal aspects of the Pacific Order. This nation has ultimate authority outside of the Emperor nation itself. The Consul, in the event of the World Assembly Delegate going inactive, or otherwise being unable to serve in its capacity, will seek to overtake the Delegate nation in overall endorsements and proclaim itself Emperor in times of grave urgency. Praetor – The Title Held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with the governance and operation of the Pacific Army, also known as the Revolutionary Guard. This nation has ultimate authority outside of the Emperor and/or Consul to direct, order, and engage in military operations outside of the Pacific. Quaestor – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the Governor’s Assembly and the Provinces. Tribune – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the High Court of the Pacific. This nation will serve as Judge for all criminal trials. The Tribune will also chair meetings of the Patrician's Assembly and establish methods by which it will operate. Censor – The Title held by the member of the Pacific Senate charged with oversight of the Praetorian Guard. This nation will direct the Guard and ensure the timely submission of all charges to the High Court of the Pacific. This nation will serve as chief prosecutor for all criminal trials. Article III – Provinces of the Pacific The Pacific will be separated, as directed by the Pacific Senate, into provinces. This separation will typically be along alphanumeric demarcation for the purposes of expediency. Each Province will be responsible for electing representatives to the Patrician’s Assembly. Further, each Province of the Pacific will have a distinct government apparatus which will be autonomous from the other provinces. Every Province will have a designated set of officers as outlined below to accommodate the needs of bureaucratic governance. Governor – the leader and director of the Province. This position is typically appointed by the Senate but can be achieved via any method deemed appropriate by the Patrician’s Assembly, with Imperial approval. The Governor is responsible for appointing the other officers of the Province. Proconsul – The chief recruiting officer of the Province. This nation is charged with approaching nations within the Province and directing them towards the offsite governmental forums. Aedile – The chief media officer of the Province. This nation is charged with producing Province-specific stories for the Pacific News Network and generating Provincial propaganda. Patrician – Each Province will elect one to three Patricians to serve on the Patrician’s Assembly. These nations can be officers already with roles within the Province. Patrician’s Assembly – This assembly is charged with forming policies and laws that encompass the Provinces, up to and including amending Capital Offenses as outlined in the Civil Code of Uniform Justice and Order in the Pacific. This includes establishing means by which Provincial Governors are selected and the establishment of new Provincial Offices. Any amendments to the Civil Code will be submitted to the Senate for their endorsement prior to approval or veto by the World Assembly Delegate. No law which compromises the security of the Pacific or the authority of the World Assembly Delegate can be passed by the Patrician’s Assembly. Provincial Curiae – Each Province will have a Curia. These assemblies are charged with electing the Patricians. They are composed of every citizen of the provinces within the Pacific. Every citizen nation is automatically a member in good standing within their designated Provincial Curia. Article IV – Citizenship in the Pacific All nations within the region known as the Pacific are granted the privilege of citizenship within the Pacific Order. Citizenship is defined as having a World Assembly nation within the Pacific, endorsing both the Emperor and Consul nations, and a declaration of allegiance to the region. This declaration and any other declarative items will be defined clearly by the Senate and in the primary post of the citizenship application thread on the offsite forum. The Senate reserves the right to grant exceptions to World Assembly membership on a case by case basis and similarly reserves the right to reject any application that is deemed incomplete, untruthful, or otherwise might compromise the security of the region. Article V – The Pacific Army The Pacific will maintain a standing army, deemed the Revolutionary Guard, under the direction of the Praetor. The Praetor will establish a general Code of Conduct for members of the military and will establish a chain of command as needed. The Army will consist of both update active nations and auxiliary nations. Any nation seeking membership in the Revolutionary Guard must be a citizen in good standing. Article VI – Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy All foreign affairs and diplomacy is under the purview of the Pacific Senate. The Pacific Senate will collectively decide on Foreign Policy and designate officers within the Diplomatic Corps as necessary. All treaties and embassies must be approved by the Senate. Article VI – The Praetorian Guard The Praetorian Guard is the internal security force of the Pacific and is responsible for finding those within the region who are in violation of the Civil Code and reporting them to the High Court. The Praetorian Guard is also responsible for notifying violators of the Civil Code of their rights to any representation and will be responsible to differentiate between flagrant, punishable violations and those whose actions indicate they can be rehabilitated and be of service to the Order. Protecting the Regional Message Board from advertising and spam is a responsibility of all members of the Praetorian Guard. The leader of the Praetorian Guard is the Censor, a member of the Pacific Senate. Article VII – The Pacific News Network The Pacific shall maintain a news publication service whose responsibilities will include the education of citizens within the Pacific and other regions on the glory, grandeur, values, and excellence of the Pacific Order and its actions. This requires both factual news reports to enlighten citizens and propaganda to be shared with external regions. An Editor-In-Chief who is appointed by the Pacific Senate will coordinate the publication. The Provincial Aediles will report to the Editor-In-Chief and work with this nation to ensure a quality monthly publication schedule. Article VIII – Amendment to the Charter The Charter of the Pacific is a living document that evolves and grows with the needs of the region. It may be amended or updated at any time by the Emperor or Senate, with approval from the Emperor. The Civil Code for Uniform Justice and Order in The Pacific

 These offenses are punishable by sanctions up to and including a permanent ban from the region, at the sole discretion of the Tribune, or in emergencies by other members of the Senate. Section I - Civil Disobedience

 101: Spreading falsehoods regarding the Pacific or any of its residents, via any communication medium.
 102: Causing the destruction or limiting the functionality of any region’s message boards, chat rooms, or other regional infrastructure inside or outside of the NationStates realm.

 103: Posting of an inappropriate subject on the Regional Message Board or official government forum.

 104: Harassment of a Pacifican either in public, by telegram, or by personal message.

 105: Unauthorized use of another nation's flag or other details as your own. 106: Objectionable nation name, flag, motto, dispatch, or factbook. 107: The posting of foreign recruitment ads on the regional message board.

 Section II - Security Accountability 201: Continued, flagrant refusal to become aligned with the Emperor via World Assembly endorsement.
 202: Providing classified information to unauthorized persons outside the Pacific.
 203: Giving your endorsement to a nation with whom you are not familiar personally. (All nations in the Pacific are familiar with the nations that govern them, and may share endorsements in a very limited way with one another.)

 204: Pushing a resident nation over the endorsement cap. Section III - Treason 301: Seeking many endorsements without permission or breaking the endorsement cap.

 302: Assisting those seeking many endorsements without permission.

 303: Belonging to a subversive organization.

 304: Engaging in counter-revolutionary activities and/or providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Section IV - Crimes against the Public Justice

 401: Perjury or breaking an oath.

 402: Falsifying evidence or attempting to subvert the justice system.

 403: Being the puppet of a banished nation.

 404: File Not Found. 405: Claiming association, affiliation, or representation of the Pacific government in any act without authorization. 406: Use of obsessive profanity on the forums and Regional Message Board and/or bad grammar to the point of complaint.

 The Civil Code of the Pacific is subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Censor, Tribune, and the Emperor.

Section III, Articles 301 and 303 in particular are subject to the rulings and enforcement of the World Assembly Delegate nation and Emperor. The endorsement maximum is subject to revision and adjustment without notice.