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Promotions of Legionnaires

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Comrades, Pacificans,

Today we recognize the achievements, dedication, and sacrifice from our Legionnaires. For over a year now, the Legio Pacificus has been the military of the Pacific, defending our values, protecting our interests, and serving for the betterment of the region. Many of the Legion's soldiers have fought tirelessly since that time, from the long, arduous campaign against the Femdom Empire, to, more recently, the fight against Nazi regions that brought uncleanness to NationStates. With that being said, the Military Command of the Legio Pacificus, as well as the Senate, would like to honor our most dedicated Legionnaires with the following promotions.



Firstly, @Roquentin has been promoted to the rank of Evocatus. Roquentin has been both among the most active and longest -serving Legionnaires, and he is very much worthy of such promotion to Evocatus.

@DrWinner has been promoted to the rank of Evocatus. As one of the newer recruits to the Legion, such activity is very impressive. DrWinner has one of the highest mission participation counts out of the entire Legio.

@cult kalashnikus has been promoted to the rank of Evocatus. A reliable updater, he has demonstrated good military gameplay skills as well as a high mission participation count.

Additionally, for their continued service to the Order through the Legio Pacificus, @Catalunya, @ThePawRepublic, @United Nuclear Anarcharia, @Jeggaza, and @WesleyWestland have been promoted from the rank of Recruit to the rank of Miles Gregarius.

Military Command would also like to thank the People's Militia of the Pacific for their efforts and aid.

Hail, comrades! o/ 



If you are interested in further expanding your service for the New Pacific Order, do not hesitate to apply to the Legio Pacificus! 

Hail, comrades! Hail, Aleisyr! Hail, Pacifica! o/ 


~Military Command

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Hakora Kiyanto

Congratulations to those promoted!  It's been a good few operations lately and you deserve it.

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