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Hi there, my name is Schierke and I am the newest new guy around here!

I've known of NationStates for quite some time (it was to be used in a project of a class that I attended) but I've only gotten around to creating a nation just now. I've decided to stick in the Pacific because I saw that roleplaying is a thing and I like writing and worldbuilding so the prospect of being in a rather large region with a large sample of RPers appeals to me and I can test new things here as well as develop new concepts and the like. Writing is life!

I hope we will all have fun ^^



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Welcome aboard!
it's always good to see a new face and even better when they intend to join in the RP fun,whichever the setting they choose.

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Welcome, comrade! do join our busy and active roleplay community!

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Welcome to the New Pacific Order, comrade. o/ 

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Oh, welcome to the Pacific! o/

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