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Project FANTASY - February Plans

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Project FANTASY February Plans


Project FANTASY has taken a massive acceleration recently, and as we come into February, I would like to detail the plans we will have for February's work on FANTASY. 

One of the first things I want to do is to get the Wiki into 'Alpha' testing. This will not mean information is being added and fleshed out yet. This means many of the needed pages will be implemented into the Wiki. Please note, it will not be up for public use and input freely until 'Beta' release, as I and the Overseers need to make sure there is a foundation to the Wiki before everybody goes reading up on everything they could ever hope to know about the Role Play world. Instead, here are some things I would like to have introduced into the Wiki by the end of February if time allows : 

  • The nations listing page should have a link to every nation currently existing in Role Play. Most of these will be held with a "placeholder text" description to preserve the page, however, the links to all nations and their official titles on such page will be a goal to complete by the end of February. 
  • Svezjacael's entire Factbook will be finished and uploaded for testing linking purposes to other fleshed out pages. This will mean Svezjacael's V6 history and information will be the fleshed and finished example for linking text to other pages, such as a link to a page about Commandant Irven to read about the leader himself. As the baseline example of link and other detail testing, Svezjacael's page may easily be under heavy revision and construction until things are smoothed over. 
  • A new page will be created under an 'applications' page where all current projects for FANTASY, such as economics, military, and other information, can be found and listed in the order they would need to be completed. 
  • A page for unified V6 history will be created, and detail regarding the events of V6 will be compiled - though not likely finished and implemented - by the end of the month. This page alone will likely be under constant construction, as it will serve as an organized calendar of V6's chronology. Events prior to and after the RP terms will be reserved for existing nations' pages. For example, as the Svet Revolution takes place in the early 1700s - well before most conventional RP - it would have to be reserved to Svezjacael's page and not the entire history. (Can't have TOO much on a single page, after all. It's not a novel.)
  • On the above note, the history will be divided into a simple flow. The 'main' history page will detail eras of history, and general events. As such, during the 1500s-1700s section (just an example, not a set era in history) it may discuss the Reventshire Wars where the Maltski States rebelled from Jaskerov, and it may provide links regarding the page about the war, but it will not detail it. When it comes to events nearing commonly RP'ed events, The name of the era itself will be a hyperlink to that era's specific page talking about, say, World War 1, in greater detail - including events leading up to it and the aftermath shortly after. Again, it is stressed that this part of the project for history is a long project, and only the skeleton of the pages will exist by this month's end. 
  • The religions page will undergo some slight modification for organized purpose. Instead of describing every faith in a single page, the main religion page will divide faiths by Monotheism, Polytheism, and other. From there, alphabetized overviews will exist for general reading to get a small idea of the faith, while a hyperlink to a page about the faith itself will exist to better elaborate on the faith in the fullest detail possible with known and gathered information about it IC and OOC. It will also include sects. For example, The Maltski-Caridan Parthenon will include the sects of The Eight Divines and The Nine Divines. The hyperlinked page will describe The Eight Divines, then add on about the Ninth Divine as a sect of the whole faith - even though the two largest nations of the M-C P are 9DRs. This also, for better example, means the Prussie faiths of Steveism will include sects under that umbrella term, such as Irvenism and Cathlosteveists. Same as 'Christianity' includes Catholics, Protestants, and Mormons (who for some reason are not generally listed as Protestant, however, I digress). 
  • Finally, the last skeletal pages will be a 'wars' page. Like the history tab, this will list wars that exist in RP by chronological order, including Cold Wars (as I'm sure there were more CWs than the great, big one after WW2) and a brief summary. Again, as with faiths, there will be links between overviews and detail about the specific war. If it was a religious war, for further example, it may also hyperlink to the pages about such involved faith(s) when mentioned - but that's a BETA step. 

Next, FANTASY projects will be organized into a way that allows them to be found on the forums in an easier way. At the top of the RP page a new thread will exist that allows links to all FANTASY projects (economic, military, cultural, what have you) for ease of location. This way new players who wish to fill out the information for their Wiki page, or older players who want to know more about their nation, will have an easier location of everything they would need to know. 

Finally, the third and last thing I want to see completed in February for FANTASY is more obscure. It was, of course, a rule about The Pacific Patent Protection Program. This follows into a more interesting route. For this example, we'll use firearms. If, say, you disagree that Jankasael will use the in-character model of the AK-47 rifle as the P.V. 45 and wish to stake your claim as the original producer of the weapon, or more in line with that section of the rules, if you believe that a person copied you directly on a product without permission (mind you, some items *are* in the public domain of patent protection evasion, such as the example AK47 - where the only contesting to it can be who made it first) you can challenge them in Overseer P4 Discussions. This thread will be put up and pinned early on, and if a person has a claim or challenge to bring up, they may tag the overseers to it on either the thread post itself or Discord. 

This one will work differently, more like an Overseer Intervention. If The Zoudhi Federation and Kalashnikus both feel they created cast-iron first and cannot agree on their own about who created it, they may ask an Overseer to weigh in through the P4 Courts. Once the Overseers make a decision, the party who was not sided with can only request one retrial with another Overseer, but the previous Overseer must be present in this retrial to explain their thinking. If instead of creation of cast iron, both argue over who has rights to produce a specific, unclaimed car company, the same applies for patent rights. However, the Patent issues can also be opened so if, say, the Land Rover is decidedly a Kalasknikusian patent, the Zoudhi can purchase the rights to the patent in limited capacity if the Kalashnikusian government agrees to this - however that must be done as an IC thread. As with creation, a retrial can be requested once for patents, and again the original decreeing Overseer must be present. 

These courts will be handled in a Discord Private Chat, to save space. In the previous example, the Overseer would rename the chat " Kalashnikus v Zoudhi - Land Rover " or the likes. After a decision, if the non-sided with party decides not to go for retrial, no other party may challenge the claim for one week to keep the Overseers sane. Because let's be honest - if everybody wants to try for first to smelt bronze, for example, that's a nightmare in of itself and if 100 people are giving their reasons why, there should be some equal effort on the challenger's part as there is the judge's part to ensure we don't burn the Overseers out faster than this Project already is. (PS I am sorry you guys are working so hard for me, but you are the best for actually doing this) 

Anyways, that is the February Project FANTASY plan. It sure seems like a lot, but in reality it's more than easily done with everybody's - Overseer and Rp'er alike - focus and time. There are more Internal Affairs projects coming soon enough away from RP, but for now, the main focus for Internal Affairs will be Role Play. 

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just a meme about Project FANTASY, please let me know and I will be sure to respond when I have ample time to do so. 

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