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One. . . .Hello(Or I just want to say Hello)

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Heya Comrades!!!It's been a very long long long long(twentylong something)time that my presence wasn't felt in the entire Pacific community(hey,wait a minute,missing lots of happenings and conversations sends you either in jail or in solitary confinement?!!Eh,let's not discuss this,I hear Perg's Hammer cometh.)because of some personal reasons,like my aunt got hit by a car while walking on the pedestrian lane and I had to take care of her(thank God,she's recovering fast)'coz nobody would care for my old aunt and some concerns in the field of work,it's getting tense but manageable.

I wish and hoping that by returning in the Pacific community(again)would make more productive and committed to serve.And I bet that I missed lots of things here.

Raises a Mug of Beer. . .

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Welcome back ISP. I demand of you to give your best. A best that is good enough that the Praetorian Guard considers inviting you into their ranks.


Hail Pacifica o/

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歡迎歡迎 ISP!


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Welcome back ISP! o/ 

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